Central Eastside


“The (Central Eastside) is a focal point for the city’s economic development strategy and its goals for urban innovation and a dynamic central city” – Portland Development Commission


The sculpture Inversion Plus Minus – Located at the foot of the Hawthorne Bridge on Grand Avenue

Revitalization of the Central Eastside is well underway, embracing decades of industrial work while transforming into a modern hot spot of Portland’s innovation and growth. A nod to that past is evident in this sculpture by Annie Han and Daniel Mihalyo of Seattle’s Lead Pencil Studio.


The Portland Streetcar at Grand and Main

Completed in 2012, the Portland Streetcar delivers passengers down Grand Avenue and over the Broadway bridge to the Pearl District and Northwest Portland.


Downtown sunrise from Grand and Main

Located directly across the river from Downtown, the central Eastside is conveniently located within walking distance of the heart of Portland and the workplaces of many of our residents.


Rejuvenation Hardware 2014

Located just 2 blocks north of the Shogren building, Rejuvenation Hardware helps develop a synergy for the Central Eastside Building and Remodeling district.  Our current tenants specialize in products for the building industry and have had great success building off the area as a “destination” for high end home remodel and design.



Tilikum Crossing under construction – Spring 2014

The highly anticipated Tilikum Bridge which will complete the Portland Streetcar loop in 2015

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